Bucko 5 is a four-piece Chicago rock band with a penchant for writing memorable songs. Their diverse influences reveal themselves in traditional rock songs peppered with jazz, country, and even reggae. A song may feature acoustic guitars at one moment and loud power chords the next. These seasoned players are not concerned with presenting an image. Instead, they focus on playing every song as if it were their last. While paying their dues in Chicago's music scene for years, the individual members of Bucko 5 have played for hundreds of crowds and received airplay on several Midwestern radio stations. Their debut EP features original songs influenced by such artists as INXS, Toad the Web Sprocket, and the Foo Fighters. The band has performed at many popular Chicago nightclubs and summer festivals, including Naperville Ribfest and the Taste of Chicago. Radio airplay and playing with more established acts will help increase their loyal fan base.

Brian Williamson
Brian 'Willy' Williamson is a songwriter. He writes the songs that make the young girls… ah, never mind. He writes songs that stick with you. Brian's goal is to have two Billboard hits sung by different artists. Past bands include Max Utmost, Shouldashotyoko, and Atomic Café.
Jose Ruiz
Jose 'J.R.' Ruiz provides the spark that lights this fire. Playing every song as if his life depends on it, Jose's energy and emotion keep Bucko 5 moving. When it comes to rehearsal, he prides himself on a solid work ethic. J.R. also provided the grooves for Forgotten Toys, Max Utmost, and Shouldashotyoko.
Scott 'Dae' Sherry
Scott 'Dae' Sherry is a performer. On almost any weekend night of the last decade or three, you could find him on a stage somewhere in the Chicagoland area. With plenty of experience performing live and studio recording, you've heard him somewhere. Dae's other bands include Transom, Velour, Forgotten Toys, Everwonder, and Love & Money.
John Mellor
John Mellor is what makes Bucko 5 different from other Chicago bands. Instead of relying on power chords, John unleashes a vast arsenal of diversified chords. He knows when to kick it up a notch and, more importantly, when to play less. His leads are tasteful and energetic. John is, and has been, in several popular Chicago bands. For more information, just ask him.
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