'Transom' @ EliXur / Scott Andrews busy too...

New bass player in 'Transom' lineup...

Scott Andrews writing, recording, and finalizing new D7 lineup ...

Transom was formed... when 3 members of D7 (Sherry, Randolph, & DeLuna) found themselves without a name

and without a bass player following the departure of founding member Scott Andrews.
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Scott Andrews is in the process of writing and demo-ing on his new Pro Tools system and finalizing a new lineup...

working with Pro Tools...

Contrary to popular belief, Delinquent Seven is still an entity. Currently Scott is in the process of writing, demo-ing on his new Pro Tools system and finalizing a new lineup. After the split of the last Delinquent Seven lineup, Scott really needed a break. He took some time off to enjoy time with his son (15 months now) and to play some video games on his new Xbox system that he got for X-mas. After time though,

Scott's acoustic guitar and his bass started calling him as songs started to flow. He knew it was time to get back to his calling. He has been very busy with other projects as well. He is working with a Country artist (Yes, Country) on songwriting and putting together ...

some very interesting covers. More info on these projects soon...

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new 'Transom' lineup... www.transom.info

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Steve Baker



Joel De Luna, Scott 'Dae' Sherry, and John Randolph
have picked up new bass player Victor Castenada
to complete the lineup, now called ' Transom '...


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Scott Andrews


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