Stand Now
(by Scott 'Dae' Sherry - a 'Chicago Remembers' artist)

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what kind of people - celebrate destruction - finding joy in seeing thousands die?
what kind of people - go dancing in the streets when - they see a city fill with smoke in the sky?
what kind of people - stay hiding in the shadows - too faceless - to even look in the mirror?
what kind of people - dedicate their whole lives - to fill the world with hateful terror?

what kind of people are these? what kind of people are these?

from sea - to shining sea the only freedoms that be - are the ones that let me stand up and say "I'm proud to be free"
so say it loud - and say it proud - don't be afraid to stand now - cuz no one's ever takin' that away from me -
don't ever let them take away our right to be free - (let freedom ring / let freedom reign)

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what kind of people - can stand and search for days straight - just hoping - to find someone who survived?
what kind of people - can work three days without sleep - just praying - to find just one more alive?
thousands of people - all stand in line to give blood - until this country's got - no more to give?
it's these kind of people - the ones who wave our flag high - these brothers - in arms for freedom we live

what kind of people - believe in a religion - where you murder those on distant shores?
what kind of people - believe in a god who - asks to spread his word by these acts of war?
but there are people - who rise above the darkness - united - their differences aside -
as they become one people - all allies, shoulder-to-shoulder - defending all they cherish - arm-in-arm - they will rise

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If you would like to help... please donate to: The 'Chicago Remembers' Fund For Disaster Relief

Contributions can be made with a credit card simply by calling 1-800-436-7950

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...our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the brave people who lost their lives in this tragedy, and to the families they left behind.

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